Welcome to Academy Galileo

Academia Galileo This Academy has been functioning since summer of 2005, Since then we have worked with great enthusiasm to achieve the best results for our students.


We deliver classes from 1º that up to 2º Bachelor in physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Language and English. We have flexible hours to the 100 % and we adapt to the needs of the students to achieve maximum performance.

Our system is based on a personalized follow-up to kids, our classes are small, as maximum give to 3 students in an hour, This allows the full use of the time and so has the guys working continually avoiding distractions. This system allows us to draw a 80 % pass both in June and September.

Our teachers, are all licensed and carry with us from the beginning, that is why they have a wide experience of providing the materials and know what is required at the different institutes.


You can find us in ( How to arrive ):

Calle San Pablo, 12C – 1º GH
09002 Burgos
947 20 61 20

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